Musement and Bokun have partnered up in order for Musement to get direct real-time access to all tours & activities suppliers and attractions using Bókun’s Tours and Activities Marketplace (The Bokun Marketplace).

Musement and Bokun Partnership

Musement, which is a leading global travel discovery and booking service, will through the partnership expand its real-time product supply in 70 countries, and get last minute access to some of the largest global tours and activities suppliers and attractions. In turn, Bókun’s customers, who are a part of the Bokun Marketplace, will enjoy having Musement as a direct distributor and promoter of their products.

Claudio Bellinzona, Co-Founder and COO of Musement: “This new partnership with one of the best performing and fast-growing platform in the Tours & Activities sector is allowing us to grow our territorial supply coverage and reinforce our ability to better serve our customer base with real-time availabilities and smoother user experience. Here at Musement we’re obsessed with improving our interaction with travelers and Bókun is definitely the right ally to support this mission.”

Hjalti Baldursson, CEO of Bokun: “We see growing demand from tours and activity providers and online travel agencies to connect directly with each other. It’s imperative for both suppliers and sellers of tours and activities to streamline the booking process, as a great part of all bookings happens shortly before departure of a tour. We have been watching Musement grow fast in the last couple of years, and are inspired by their enthusiasm. We are excited to see the booking volumes of our customers grow through the strong volumes of Musement.”

ABOUT Musement

Launched in Milan in 2013, Musement is a travel discovery and booking service that allows users to get the best from their travel destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions to discover and book. More than just 'things to do', its range includes temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities. Unlike most travel platforms, Musement offers content and booking options across multiple verticals, from guided tours and museums, to food & wine - and multiple touch-points; the B2C Musement and Triposo websites and apps, and the joint B2B APIs.


Bokun is the cloud based sales, inventory and marketplace platform connecting the tourism industry (Tours, Activities, Car Rentals, Transportation and Accommodation).

Bokun is the cloud based sales, inventory and management platform to connect the tourism industry (Tours, Activities, Car Rentals, Transportation and Accommodation). Bokun allows all connected to the platform to sell online their own products and services and as well to collaborate with each other, share their inventory in real time, cross-sell, and earn commissions. Tourism companies have made well over 15 thousand cross-selling contracts via the Bokun Marketplace.

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