To digitalize the Irish tours and activities industry and bring them to international markets, Fáilte Ireland, the national tourism development authority of Ireland, will introduce the Bokun software to tours and activities suppliers in the country. Furthermore, participating hotels in Ireland will receive an affiliate web-storefront to grow direct revenue through selling local tours and activities to guests.

Bokun and Failte Ireland Partnership

The partnership gives Irish companies free and unlimited access to Bokun for an entire year. Bokun, which is a reservation, distribution and contract management system, helps tour and activity providers connect and work directly with sellers of tours and activities.

By doing this, Fáilte Ireland and Bokun aim to increase access to global sales channels for Irish tourism suppliers. Suppliers will also gain access to local cross-selling, which enables the tourists to enjoy more visible product offering and encouraging greater dwell time locally all of which is all bookable online. The collaboration between tour & activity providers is believed to facilitate further growth of regional tourism for Ireland.

In Bokun’s home country Iceland, local cross-selling is the largest distribution channel of tours and activities, facilitating around a third of total bookings. The second largest distribution channel is direct online bookings on the websites of the suppliers, which is around 30%.

Fáilte Ireland and Bokun hosted two pilot workshops in Galway and Mayo recently and will continue to introduce the platform to tourism businesses across the country. The workshops showcased how regional tour & activity suppliers can collaborate to increase regional tourism and gain greater access to international distribution channels.

Bokun has already succeeded in connecting the tourism industry in its home market, Iceland, which has seen an average year-on-year growth of 30% for the last few years.

Fáilte Ireland’s Head of Business Development, Paul Mockler explained:

“Fáilte Ireland is excited about teaming up with Bokun to bring this opportunity for international distribution and local cross selling to local businesses. The tours and activities sector is one of the fastest growing areas in travel and Bokun’s innovative and user-friendly platform gives Irish tourism businesses the capability to provide an enhanced experience to their visitors while simultaneously growing their own revenue.”

Bokun‘s CEO, Hjalti Baldursson added:

“The Irish tourism industry has in the recent years laid excellent groundwork for product offering of tours and activities. Distribution, both locally and globally is key for further strengthening Ireland as a tourism region. I’m excited to see how much the Irish tourism market is going to grow over the next couple of years.”


Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority. Their role is to support the tourism industry and work to sustain Ireland as a high-quality and competitive tourism destination. Providing a range of practical business supports to help tourism businesses better manage and market their products and services.

They also work with other state agencies and representative bodies, at local and national levels, to implement and champion positive and practical strategies that will benefit Irish tourism and the Irish economy.


Bokun is the cloud based sales, inventory and marketplace platform connecting the tourism industry (Tours, Activities, Car Rentals, Transportation and Accommodation).

Bokun is the cloud based sales, inventory and management platform to connect the tourism industry (Tours, Activities, Car Rentals, Transportation and Accommodation). Bokun allows all connected to the platform to sell online their own products and services and as well to collaborate with each other, share their inventory in real time, cross-sell, and earn commissions. Tourism companies have made well over 15 thousand cross-selling contracts via the Bokun Marketplace.

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