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Bokun allows you to accept bookings and earn more by reselling and packaging services from others.

Feature highlights

Booking Engine

Advanced inventory management

Whether you are a reseller or a supplier of tours & activities, attractions, accommodation, car rentals, transport or any type of event - you can manage your services and have them bookable online in minutes.

Easy integration with any website

You can add our mobile-friendly booking engines to any website, without any programming skills or technical know-how. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

Shopping cart and single checkout

Want to sell more than one product in a single checkout? Our out-of-the-box shopping cart supports booking multiple product types (even from multiple suppliers) in a single checkout.

Sell online with real-time availability. Our responsive widgets work on all websites. No technical knowledge required.

Bokun Marketplace

Create new revenue through cross selling

Connect with your local or global partners and create commission contracts with them through the Bokun Marketplace. Package your products with the products of others and enhance your product offering.

Commission tracking

Bokun tracks the commission and generates invoices automatically, providing you with real-time overview of your account payables and receivables.

No middle man

Bokun does not take a cut of your commission. You deal with your partners directly through Bokun.

Create commission contracts and cross sell services through partnerships in the Marketplace. No middle man commission or fees.

Online Payments

Out of the box payment processing

Bokun is integrated with leading payment providers. Just enter your merchant details into Bokun and you’re ready to start accepting payments.

Cancellations and refunds

Set up your terms & conditions and cancellation policies and manage refunds.

Accept payments on your own website through a secure payment gateway, easily manage refunds and cancellations.

Channel management

Distribute to global channels

Sell your products via powerful global OTA’s integrated with Bokun, such as Viator, Expedia Local Expert, GTA,, and more. As soon as bookings arrive, we’ll update the inventory across all channels in real-time.

Agent desk

Give your agents log-in access so they can self-service to book your products directly. Customize the rates and payment methods for individual agents.

Sell on any website

Want to sell your products via a distributor that is not yet integrated with Bokun? Easily send them a booking engine widget which they can embed on their website to start accepting bookings connected with your inventory.

Distribute your products to global OTA's, provide agents with a self-service log-in or sell your services directly on any website.

Packaging & add-ons

Package your products with partners

You can create dynamic travel packages by combining your own products. You can even combine your products with partner products and sell them as a single package.

Why not create a package with your local vehicle rental and activity providers? Enhanced product offering has proven to increase sales and strengthen local tourism.

Sell add-ons / extras with any product

You can add bookable extras to any product. Easily add optional addons to upsell and allow travelers to customize your products.

Package your services with partners for a more enhanced product offering. Sell add-ons and extras with any product.

Price management

Advanced rate and currency support

Manage multiple rates and offers across all channels using Bokun’s flexible price management features. Want to offer partners and agents a special price? In Bokun you can manage multiple price catalogs in multiple currencies using manual or live conversion.


Powerful support for taxes and compound taxes, down to product level. You can even set different sales tax for your product and your add ons?

Sell your products in multiple currencies, manage complex price catalogs and seasonal prices across all channels.

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